What do Lia and Naomi think of the plan to return?

Many of you care a great deal about our two lovely daughters, Lia and Naomi, and perhaps are wondering whether Zimbabwe is the place for them. Here is what they had to say when asked about going back:


"It’s important that we go back because it's like we're a team. We build new houses for the orphans and we built the new clinic. Now when the kids get hurt at their homes, or they get sick, they go to the clinic where Mom treats them so they can get better and go back to playing and living at the houses. Then Naomi and I go to their houses and play with them and make friends. We all have roles there and we need to get back."


"I think it's important that we get back as soon as possible because the building slows right down and nothing really happens when you're not there Dad. We need more houses and the school needs to get done, so we need to get back there."

This really is a family effort, a family calling. We've been away from Eden for months now and we are all excited to get back.