We work full time at Eden, but we don’t get paid

That’s where you come in! Without financial partners we cannot offer our services to Eden.

Here are our two fundraising goals that will enable us to return to Zimbabwe in January 2018:


Monthly we need

2500 USD
per month

Special expense: A truck!


This covers our living expenses, including very expensive but absolutely necessary medical insurance.

A truck

We had been staying in Zimbabwe on temporary visas; to live there long term the government requires that we bring US$100k in assets with us. The best way to do this is to take a truck into the country – they are valued far higher there than in North America, and we need one anyway…

In addition to a truck, there are a bunch of other things we could really use, click here for a complete list. We would be thrilled with any of these things!

Please consider partnering with us!

Your monthly or special contributions, however small, enable us to be there and do the work that desperately needs doing.

If this is something you’d consider, please do contact us directly using the contact form. Or if you’d like to donate straight away, thank you! Use the Paypal button to set up regular support or a special donation. You’ll get a tax receipt in Canada or the U.S.A.