What we're doing in Zimbabwe & how you can help

There are three main things we do that you can help with:

Build more homes for orphans

Eden Children’s Village is an orphanage in Doma (near Mhangura) Zimbabwe that has housed over 250 orphaned children since it was founded in 2000. Eden has permits to build up to 40 homes, which will accommodate up to twelve children in each. This means Eden will be able to house almost 500 children, where they will be loved and cared for in a family-style community.

Offer free medical care

The Eden Herbal Medical Clinic was created in response to the dire need for free medical care to local people in desperate need. The clinic has treated 32,000 people entirely free of charge since 2005.

Teach useful trades

The Eden Vocational School will prepare young adults to be productive and self-sufficient by giving them practical, much-needed skills to earn a living. Students can learn sewing, mechanics, metalworking, woodworking, construction or agriculture as a means to prepare for adult life on their own.

We work full time on these tasks, but we don’t get paid.

That’s where you come in!

Partner with us

Our family needs US$2500 each month to cover our living expenses, so we need partners to join us as we serve at Eden Children’s Village. Your monthly contributions enable us to be there and do the work that desperately needs doing. Please consider partnering with us!

Contact us

If this is something you’d consider, please do contact us directly using the contact form. Or if you’d like to donate straight away, please click the link below. Thank you!